Corporation details - Republican Guard [REPGU]
Alliance: None CEO: Bado Sten
Kills: 3436 HQ:
Losses: 2438 Members: 25
ISK destroyed: 208.18B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 124.89B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 62.50% Website:
We are based in low-sec Metropolis and help keep our constellation there free of Amarr. When needing a break, our pilots can enjoy a holiday resort in the 0.0 region Stain. We are on good terms with Sansha's Nation there, and they keep us with a steady supply of missions.

Recruitment is open.

Recruitment and standings:
Bado Sten
Top Damagedealers
December 2019
Pilot Kills
Tara Eves 1. Tara Eves 4
Bado Sten 2. Bado Sten 1
All time
Pilot Kills
Bado Sten 1. Bado Sten 1954
Perigo Springblossom 2. Perigo Springblossom 556
Tara Eves 3. Tara Eves 75
Alice Coop Jakuard 4. Alice Coop Jakuard 71
Damon Vadrik 5. Damon Vadrik 52
Machiavellian Blight 6. Machiavellian Blight 42
Pier K8 7. Pier K8 31
Dead Funny 8. Dead Funny 29
Yasmeen Skir 9. Yasmeen Skir 16
Kharn Atruin 10. Kharn Atruin 10